Masques (Sianim Series #1)

Masques  - Patricia Briggs I meant to write a review yesterday, oh well.I did like this one more than Briggs' other old fantasy romance novels. But yes of course it could have been much better. It was also rushed and could have been dragged out to a thick trilogy. Sure there is a book 2, but this book ended with the bad guy beaten.Aralorn was a cool kick-ass woman. Wolf was an enigma, and yes I wished the secret who he was would have been left longer. Now it was all, maybe, and aha. Ok that's it then.There is action, danger, a bad guy and a king to be helped. A nice little book, the first she wrote (even if she did edit a bit later on). But still nice and I want to see what happens next. I did read the blurb and was all come on, told you so peeps.