Thinking of You

Thinking of You - Jill Mansell Mansell brings us many HEAs and personal growth.First we have Ginny, divorced, working here and there and about to be home alone as her daughter Jem is leaving for uni. She is not happy and there will be a few mistakes on the way. But as this is a Mansell book there will also be happiness and hers will be in the form of love.Jem, her 18 year old daughter will also find herself during this year and make her own mistakes. But some mistakes have to be made.Then we also have Ginny's best friend Clara, and Laurel who I will not say more about now. Clara is forward, and Laurel is sad. Ginny's ex husband also makes an appearance, yes they were clearly not suited together and there is a man hiding in the shadows for Ginny. I was happy about that.There is romance, friendship, personal growth and the search for happiness. It's a feelgood book, but then it's a Mansell book and I would have been surprised if it had not ended with a smile on my face.