A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time - Amanda James How to tell this quickly, well a cute guy shows up and tells her she must stitch together times and sends her back to do so. If she saves 3 she saves 9 and more.I am taking a step back. Our heroine Sarah is unhappy, she is a teacher but has issues at work. Her personal life sucks too. And if I was her I would be unhappy too. But in comes mystery guy from the time agency. And because she is a history teacher she does well. She gets to to go to WWII Sheffield, to play little house on the prairie and to be a maid. But yes her modern sensibilities both saves her and gets her in trouble. But then it was not easy back then, and certainly not for a modern woman.Oh yes, I did not forget mystery guy, there are sparks there and I will say no more.Time-travel, romance and lives to be saved in this interesting mix.