Alien in the House

Alien in the House - Gini Koch How does she do it? The craziness that must be Koch's brain, I just never know with this series. Who is the bad guy? How will it end, how will anything happen? But then that is why it's a fun ride.So what did happen? Well Kitty is trying to find out why people are dying left and right. With her she has poofs, birds and the usual gang, and of course she makes new friends.There is drama, shootings, death, smexy times, politics, wedding plans and a birthday party for Jamie to plan. Just another normal day in the life of Kitty Katt.So this review was much better before I accidentally deleted it. Now I do not know what to say. Koch is just insane, all the plot threads here and there. I always wonder how she keeps track of things so that we in the end can find a murderer.