The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood - Helen Bryan The Sisterhood is a story that covers many centuries. Not only is it in present time. You also get glimpses of the 1980’s as well as the 16th century.Menina has always known she is adopted. She was found as an orphan after a terrible storm in South America in the 1980’s and brought to a convent. After a while she got adopted by a couple in the USA. The convent made sure Menina’s parents would give a medal that Menina was found wearing around her neck, and an old book written in Spanish and Latin, to Menina when she was old enough.Menina is planning her wedding to a young man called Theo. But when the engagement is broken shortly before the wedding, Menina is very sad and wants to get away from everything. For school she is going to write a paper about an old Spanish painter and she gets an opportunity to travel to Spain to find out more about the painter and how his works are connected to her medal.Her trip in Spain doesn’t start well when her money and her mobile phone among other things get stolen and she misses her bus to Madrid. She ends up at an old convent and there her work begins.Parallell to the story of Menina is the story from the 16th century. It’s about how the book that Menina got was written and how it and the medal had to be sent to South America in order to save it. It’s about what happened at the convent in the 16th century and what happened to the book when it got to South America. The book was hidden for centuries but found shortly after Menina had been brought to the convent in the 1980’s.It’s a very thrilling book, interesting to read. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to those who are interested in reading about 16th century convents and anyone who loves a mystery.I give the book 4/5.