The Prisoner of Heaven

The Prisoner of Heaven: A Novel (P.S.) - Carlos Ruiz Zafon It was not as good as Shadow, but then how could any book we as good as shadow? That book was a masterpiece.This book just gave me questions and I should read book 1 and 2 again. First when something was mentioned, then I remembered that book 2 was about this guy Fermin meets in prison. Ok so I have obviously forgotten most things. The book can still be read as a stand alone, it's just that I know these people, and all the mysteries! It's one big evil puzzle. There are always new things throw at you, here we hear things about Daniel's mother Isabella, we meet David Martin again and most of all it's Fermin's story about the time he spent in prison. If I had the time I would re-read the books for sure. Because at the end, omg that evil ending, hints about more to come. So not cool. More things to come, which is good, and bad, cos that will take some time.The language was not as poetic, but in the end it was still a good haunting book filled with mysteries.