Legacy Of Kings: The Magister Trilogy: Book Three

Legacy of Kings  - C.S. Friedman I fiiiiinally learnt what Colivar had been hiding. Thanks a lot Colivar, you could have told us before...haha, I love him.Right, the beginning was a bit confusing and jumpy but then it got better. Colivar is thinking about saving the world. Salvatore is the same religious ass as always, queen Gwen kicks some serious butt, Kalima is conspiring with Colivar and the witch queen is being a real witch.The whole book is leading up to the final battle and the whole what are magisters thing. There will be battles, revelations and oh who cares, I just wanted to read about Colivar. Ever since they killed A in book 1 Colivar was all I cared for ;)A good end to this series.