Thrill Ride (Black Knights Inc. Series #4)

Thrill Ride (Black Knights Inc.) - Julie Ann Walker This is a book about running, running for your life and making out in the jungle a bit ;)Rock is a member of the Black Knights and made a few mistakes. Now he is running. He also have some issues from the past that makes him not wanna love again. You can see where I am going with this.Vanessa is also a member of the Black Knights, just not the shooting and fighting kind of Knight. No, she is smart, and knows her languages. She also likes Rock a lot, and jumps at the chance to find him as the Knights and the CIA are trying to catch him. We all know she is gonna find him so I am just gonna tell you she does. There is running, hiding, bad guys gunning for them and the whole conspiracy why he is on the run is slowly emerging. And of course there is the "romance", that is she wants to, he does not.A thrilling book about a man not ready for love, and one woman sure ready to give him the world