The Kingdom Of Gods

The Kingdom of Gods - N.K. Jemisin I really should write a review the minute I finish the book, even if I am just a day late I feel all meh. Anyway...This is the last book in this trilogy and it's about Sieh, the kid, the trickster, the lonely one. He is, yes how to describe him? Like I said, a trickster. He can play one minute, rip people to pieces the next if they anger him. Godlings do what they want.Then he meats Sharar and Deka. Siblings, one heir to the world. I can't say more here cos the consequences echoes through out the whole book, they are the whole book. They are two proud kids cos they are after all Arameri. But they can also be loving, jealous and I will say no more.There is also a shadow player in this book. A story I liked as everything looked so dark.The book was better than the last, but then the last disappointed me to no end. But it still was not as good as the first, but then the first blew me away with it's language. This one instead is a joy to read because of a good story, complex characters and a world that is old and well done, and a world that needs to change.So I would say, good ending to this one. And yes the end, I really liked the end.