Grave Memory (Alex Craft Series #3)

Grave Memory - Kalayna Price Just because I have a crush on Death this is how I am gonna start:'O, Death. O, Death.Won't you spare me over 'til another year?Well, what is this that I can't seeWith ice cold hands takin' hold of meWell I am death, none can excelI'll open the door to heaven or hell'-traditionalYes he is one of those bog crushes cos is always just there, staring. While Falin, eh stupid pretty boy Fae. I am team Death in this one.Anyway, Alex has a new case. The ghosts are being all weird. So she is investigating. Trying to keep a check on Faerie, and spending some time with her friends. Oh and then there is the whole Falin and Death thing.I do wonder what she will do about her Fae heritage, which court she will choose, will she find happiness? All questions I really want answers too. But the author is not making it easy for her. Not at all.As the next book is not out yet I will sit here waiting cos I want more.