Fair Game (Alpha and Omega Series #3)

Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs I usually spend these reviews talking about what a hottie Bran is. But not this time. I have not liked the Alpha and Omega series as much as the Mercy books, not before now. This book was awesome, it made me love and hate! It made me love Anna and Charles as couple, now I truly saw it. And it made me hate humankind. Ignorant asses all of them. We are the real monsters.Charles is having trouble with his job. Anna is fearing for him and the Marrok sends them both on a mission. A serial killer is loose. Fae, were and humans have tried to live together, but it will surely all come crashing down. If we can't tolerate each other then how could we tolerate other beings? As they search for the killer I sit in the edge of my seat, and when the ends grows close I fear. Because Briggs is not kind to her characters.But the end, what an ending. It made me cheer and fear.I do hope there will be more, I finally love the ALpha and Omega books.Oh and Bran, well even if we did not see him much I still love him and hate his wife. He needs someone else, pleeeease Briggs.