Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl

The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl - Gina Lamm Time-traveling, yay. Who doesn't want to go back and meet a sexy earl in regency clothes? I would go, well if I only stayed the day because in the end I want to go to the toilet, a real one. Have certain products etc etc. Much more fun to read about then then going ;)Jamie falls through a mirror and into a room. And let's just say that shorts and a top is not exactly what a proper young lady would be wearing. She and Micah are like dogs and cats. She says her meaning, swears, he is a true gentleman and does not know what to make of this..person. Talk about a when cultures clash. They are also meant to be, but she is nobody, he is an earl. She is staying at his place (an unmarried woman!). Scandalous.Cultural differences, the ton and one spiteful ex-mistress is what these two will have to deal with. It will not be easy. But it makes for a fun and entertaining run. A light cute read.