Shot of Sultry

A Shot of Sultry - Macy Beckett This is book 2, but as I was reading it I did feel that it also works great as a stand alone.Bobbi is the heroine in this book. She was a bit messed up but she has learnt to cope. Her brother was the hero of book 2 and while he lives in Texas, she is a California film maker. She comes to Sultry Springs for a reality show. She is serious about her job (you'll learn) and she needs to let loose a bit.Then we have Trey, a flirty guy who is friends with her brother. He has his own issues and wants to leave Sultry soon. The attraction is there at the start, sure they argue a bit, she tries to stay away as she is filming him. But some things you just can't stop. Some things are bound to happen.A nice story, a love that takes a bit of time. And a side character that I really look forward to reading more about. Book 3 is his and I want it. Sultry Springs is a good place to read about