Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee

The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee - Carolyn Brown This book is about 3 women (and so much more). A small town, gossip, a group and everything falls apart.First we have Trixie who had a cheating husband (she still fools around with him cos she can't resist him). She was nice, but yes dump that idiot and move on! Then we have the twins Cathy and Marty. They could not be different. The quiet and the loud one. Cathy is set to marry a boring man with a horrid mother. Marty is free and outspoken. I liked them both, maybe Cathy more since we followed her road to finding what she wants.And then we have their aunt Agnes, the horrid Violet (Cathy's future mother-in-law!) who wants to rule the town and the society they are apart of. Darla Jean, the former prostitute who turned preacher, that (I will not say it cos I am a lady *coughs*), Anna Ruth who stole away Trixie's husband. Quite the set of characters and all with their agendas and dreams.A nice story to read. Though I would not want to live there, maybe visit cos they all sound so fun! But before that Violet needs to go ;)Drama, gossip, romance, secrets and most of all friendship.