Wings Of Wrath: The Magister Trilogy: Book Two

Wings of Wrath  - C.S. Friedman Exciting stuff. I love fantasy! I was not a fan of Kamala in book 1, but here I liked her better. I think much of my dislike had to to with poor Andovai, whom I really liked and then he died cos of her sucking the soulfire out of him. Seems Friedman sure like killing people.Right, great world. Magisters who use magic by taking other people's lives. Witches who die by using too much magic. And a world where winged beasts from legend are coming back to suck the souls out of everyone. What is there not to like? Kamala is right at the front lines here. Queen Gwynofar is trying to find her heritage. Her son Salvator is taking the throne (oh I hate pompous religious a'holes who think their way and God is the only way!) and then there are many more. Like the witch queen Sidarea..bitch. I am also intrigued by Magister Colivar, I was already in book 1 and here the end, oh how Friedman taunts me with riddles! I need to know what he is!A good sequel to this saga and the epic battle will continue and surely Friedman will kill more. Because this is a dark world. Magic kills.I read it fast. Maybe not as good as book 1, because there I was enthralled by the darkness, but still awesome enough that I need book 3. And why did I now tell the library to get it before?