Succubi Are Forever

Succubi Are Forever - Jill Myles I was so sad when book 3 ended, cos even if the ending worked, it was obviously not the end since so many things were left hanging in the air. The publisher wanted no more books, grrr. But luckily Myles self published this last one to give Jackie and Zane some closure.Jackie still needs those halos, and the hunt is on. She is awesome as always. Together with BFF former porn star Remy, Remy's boyfriend a former monk (Ethan is awesome too), and of course Zane, awww I love my fav fallen angel turned vampire.The book is all about the hunt, hot hot passion, heartache (Myles managed to tear my heart into pieces, I was so sad)), and then she managed to make me happy at the end. Lots of twists and turns, and I am happy she wrote this last one so that I could be satisfied with the ending I got.A fun series that you should read.