Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark - M.L. Buchman This is book 3, but it does work well as a stand alone.Both were in the previous book, but this is their time. Connie is the dedicated mechanic, the soldier who forms no attachment. She feels weird and that she does not belong. I kind of felt that I I understood where she was coming from. Yes she has issues, but that is who she is. While Big John is nice, fits in and is just a good guy. A perfect fit? Well not exactly and that is what makes it good. They first fight their attraction and then they have lots of other things to deal with. They grow.Is there lots of military action then? Yes and no. Military yes, action, mostly at the end. That part I liked the least. Sure it was suspenseful but by then I just wanted to know everything would be ok between these too. And I rather watch and read the truly suspenseful bits in books (yes I like movies ;)Suspense, romance, a bit of nice family life makes it into a good book.