Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne

The Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne - Jayne Fresina I had forgotten that the hero was in book 1 (yes me and my memory), but forgetting did make it better in a way cos I got to know him again. This was my first impression. Since in book 1 he wanted to marry someone else. Yes you can see why it's good to start on a fresh page ;)Right then, Ellie is, well she is a lot! She is not one of those usual women of the Ton. She is so much more. She has a reputation of broken engagements and the scandal is that a duke died in her bed. She is also masquerading as a French Count and gains money that way. She is a handful and I liked her.James and Ellie, well the families are bitter enemies, he called her Ellie Phant once and yes she does not like him. He is a rake, but a rake that has grown old and realised that it does not work as well anymore. In comes Ellie, that menace and he does not know what to do about her. A fun couple to read about.The book was light, romantic, a bit funny and it made me want more. More will come in form of another menace. Poor ton ;)