For the Love of a Goblin Warrior

For the Love of a Goblin Warrior (Shadowlands) - Shona Husk This book felt light and easy, even with the darkness in it. It was a romance about two people being saved by each other.Meryn used to be a Goblin who stole gold and killed. Now he is back int he real world, 2000 years later. He is lost, but he is smart. He mourns in family, and the darkness of the Goblin hangs over him. But he is a nice guy, a man who just want to live again..if there was something to live for.Nadine is a nurse who have nightmares (yes goblins there too). He father is in jail for killing her mother and she has blocked that out. She may go on about her life, but there is something there. Something sad. Then Nadine and Meryn meet. Something pulls them together. They are meant to be. But first they have things to go through. He needs to let go of his past and she needs to deal with her past. Not to mention that you know the whole Goblin thing is gonna pop up and mess things up.A good romance, 2 people just meant to be. Throw in a little paranormal and there you have it.