Officer Breaks the Rules

The Officer Breaks The Rules - Jeanette Murray It was one of those, oh no I can't! You are my best friend's little sister! Honestly men, get over yourselves. If my brother had a trouble with who I was seeing I would tell him to suck it. Still a little drama is always good in books ;)Both Jeremy and Madison are in the military. Which is of course also a problem. They could be stationed on opposition ends of the world. And yes he is bff with her brother. He is also having some issues with what to do with his life, and Maddie, well she just wants to jump his bones. But he is a hard one to catch.Maddie was cool and knew what she wanted. Jeremy was nice too, but yes he has some things to sort out. Foolish man, just go for the hot girl who wants you. But life is never that simple.It was a good romance that took some time to get started. Friends turning into lovers. And a sidestory with a romance to follow in book 3, and I think I will enjoy that one too.