The Great Hunt: Wheel of Time Book 2

The Great Hunt: Wheel of Time Book 2 - Robert Jordan Edit: March 31 2012Re-reading it for the..well I have read it a lotRand knows he is the Dragon and does not yet believe it. I like the beginning in Shienar and how they hunt the horn later. Because here the threads are coming together and we are starting to believe.As always my fav parts are the Rand ones, he is a bookboyfriend for a reason. The Mat and Perrin parts are good too. But the women parts, eh, boring as always. But that is just cos I keep favorites. I never did care to read about Egwene and her buddies int the White Tower. I just want to get to the good parts.Honestly what can I say about a book I have re-read lots of times? I still hate the Seanchan! The Children of the Light must die! Fain is annoying and, well I really hate the Seanchan ;)I re-read this over the course of 1,5 months. I could just stop in the middle of a page and pick it up days later. I know this story, and I love it.Recommended.------------------2009The Great Hunt by Robert JordanBook 2 of The Wheel of TimeRand alĀ“Thor has found out that he is the Dragon Reborn, Lews Therin Kinslayer, the man who sundered the world.After finding the Horn of Valere they have returned to Fal Dara, and Rand seeks a way to escape this destiny. But the world is closing in on him, and even the Amyrlin seat comes to Shienar. How can he escape the fact that he can channel, and is theDragon, and how can he keep his friends from harms way?The dark one grows strong, and the Forsaken are loose. Trouble will come to the world of man and will he understand his role in it all.Then the horn gets stolen and he, Mat and Perrin sets out with a troup of Shienaran soldiers to take it back from Darkness. Meanwhile Egwene and Nynavene begin their journey to the White Tower to become Aes Sedai.Meanwhile in the another part of the continent a strange race comes from a land far across the ocean and begin their invasion the world.And all roads will lead to Toman Head.The Wot book for January has been read, and I do love this world. Even if Jordan included a lot of people in these books. They can get rather confusing if you don't keep track of everyone. But I like the adventure, and the characters. Sure Rand al`Thor is a cliche shepard turned hero but aren't they all. This is one of the greatest fantasy series ever written.