The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time Series #12)

The Gathering Storm - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson 2012I read my other review of this book and found it interesting, I really liked Rand before, now, eh, he is so dark and, I guess just not the guy for me this time around. I am more of a Perrin gal.No more thinking of that other review. What did I think here...? Some things happened that I had totally forgotten, it has to do with the Black Ajah. Good thing I read it again then ;)I am craving the end now, oh how slowly this series moves. It sure shows when I have read all in a year. I am also discovering plotholes. Time is moving strangely. No time at all has really passed, still Rand has gone insane, Elayne is preggers and Egwene got a new personality. But it's a great series, even if we could have skipped a few books in the middle ;)--------------------2010Magician by Raymond E.Feist may be the best fantasy book ever written, but WOT is the best fantasy series in the world. I know many thought it just keep on going and going, but that only means more for me to love.When I in 2007 learned that Robert Jordan had passed away I was devastated. Not only cos of selfish reasons (cos that had been my biggest fear even before I heard he was ill), but also because he was a master with what he was doing. And I know he loved his books and his fans. But then I heard that his legacy would go on, because Jordan had until the end kept on working. The chosen person was Brandon Sanderson, who was a big fan of his works (and an accomplished writer). Jordan had left notes, materials, outline, and written sections, and Sanderson filled in the holes. The finished project was huge and later it was realized the book had to be made into 3.First let me say that I felt like I was reading Robert Jordan own writing, only here and there I noticed Sanderson's voice. Mostly when it came to explanations. Things we knew, but perhaps he wanted to make sure to all that he also knew, then again it had been a while so it was all good. I did not mind. The script is still Jordan's, it just needed a new producer to put it all together. I had been very afraid that I would see too much of Sanderson, but he melted together just fine and put in his own voice. I approved.Ok spoilers. Not other way to do this!Rand is still going crazy, oh how I love him! Not to mention Lews Therin. It is getting darker and people around him is staring to loose faith. Egwene is still a prisoner and trying to undermine Elaida's control. I never really liked Egwene really but for some reason I like her now. Elayne was no where to be soon, no Lan either, and no Logain. I really hoped he didn't die and I forgot. Aviendha came by briefly (here I did notice the new writer). Some Mat and Perrin, but not much. Getting a bit annoyed by Mat, I am afraid he will stand with those stupid Seanchan. Oh I despise them, they can't believe in the Forsaken, they treat people who can channel like crap, and if they win in the end I will go insane.Moraine is really still alive!? Asmodean? I am pretty sure Rand will die :( Oh and Gawyn is an idiot, and don't even get me started on the Children of the Light. Where is Morgause? Get home and talk to Gawyn, please! This world is going to hell even if they win the Last battle. Well at least I still love the Aiel.That was some of my thoughts while reading, yes I hate a lot of people there, grrr, and I love a great deal too. There is always someone to like and hate. People to root for, and people to hope the Shadow take (*coughs Children of the Light, mostly Galad and The Seanchan*)This book picked up the pace, and the whole book is one big "The storm is coming, let's make haste and ride up north". I was really enjoying it, things played out, armies moved, people died. Sure they are not at the last battle yet, The Forsaken is still free, there is still wars going on, and the Shadow is causing big ripples in the thread. But they are close, so if the last book is all about the war. Then the second will finally bring everyone together. It has been some time since that.By the way, Elayne, the babies, shouldn't she be due soon, and oh that will go to hell too. Cos of that idiot everyone thinks is the father. Hopefully Rand will stop by Caemelyn...and perhaps get blinded by Galad or Gawyn? Oh yes I can see that.This was mostly a post of all the characters, cos how else can I talk about a series I have been reading for 13 years?This is great fantasy, I love it to pieces, even if I might never read book 15 two times depending on the outcome. Yes Rand is a fictional crazy boyfriend. I love to re-read this series, and this is to me great fantasy, epic fantasy that is so richly created it takes your breath away. Thank you Brandon Sanderson for doing a great job with this epic legacy.Robert Jordan -James Oliver Rigney, Jr.- (October 17, 1948 – September 16, 2007) Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Not liking it at all. If you look closely you can see how rich her make-up is, and to say this nicely, well she looks like a lady of the night, perhaps Rand destroyed a brothel.Reason for Reading. My own copy, have been waiting for 3 years to read it.Final thoughts: LOVE IT. WOT is fantasy at its best.