A Night Like This (Smythe-Smith Quartet Series #2)

A Night Like This  - Julia Quinn I was disappointed, there is no other way to describe it. I was about to give this book a 3, solely cos of my love for Quinn and the last 30 pages...yeah. But hey I need to be harsh, if it does not work is does not work. It was sadly just ok (except for those last 30 pages that is.)What was my first complaint? Insta love. I mean come on! Daniel comes home, spots a woman and falls in love. Ahem, no sorry Daniel, that means you fancy her and wants to throw her down on the rug and have your wicked way with her. You are not in love. He then tracks her down and jumps her, she just lets him. Again, what? This doesn't really fit her back story.For me the insta love just did not work here. He chased a dream and she was cold and I never felt that she liked him back. I never felt anything from her. She was a ghost, a very pretty ghost who changes the air in the room. Yes we get it, she is Miss Universe. And all of this ultimately means that the love story just fell short for me. On the one hand there was lust from our earl ( I refuse to say love) and from her...nothing.I did like the mystery. Who is trying to hurt him. That was exciting. While her story, is someone after her was silly. Just get over it.And then we have the epic last 30 pages. The chase is on. What will they do? Those were sadly the best pages of the book.But one thing made me want more, Hugh, I want Hugh to find a girl. I really liked Hugh. Yes the person I liked the most was a side character that shows up 4 times or so.The only thing that would make me want more Smythe-Smiths, is that I heard that Hugh does in fact get a book. Because else, then this series would go from auto buy to maybe. And it still might.