Black Night (Black Wings Series #2)

Black Night  - Christina Henry This is one of those books that are just so compelling that you need more, but at the same time I find it to be badly written. Well what can I say, a compelling story trumps that.Why do I find it badly written? It's the dialogue, it's not good, it does not always flow. And the thing is this book feels mostly like dialogue, there are never really any descriptions. Things fall into place way to easily too.But, yes here comes the but. I finished the book in a day cos I could not put it down. When I did finish I wanted more, I need to know what happens and I even squeed a bit.Maddie is very kick-ass, and she is Lucifer's grand daughter, way too cool. She has an awesome side-kick, she wants a guy she can't have and her dad wants her to marry this idiot. *jumps around from joy*. It's all so juicy so even if the flaws bugged me, the end turned me around like it did in book 1.