Mr. Darcy Forever

Mr. Darcy Forever - Victoria Connelly The fact that I love Jane Austen inspired books is no secret. Little things that made me smile in this one was the mentioning about Austen Authors and 3 variations I do know well. It felt so real that way. The other thing is that I would sure love to visit the Jane Austen festival in Bath.It's a part of the Austen Addicts series, but it's also a stand alone since it's all about new people and they have nothing do do with previous one. So no need to worry there.And now to the story, here we have more the Sense and Sensibility theme. Two sisters, Sarah who has OCD and worries about her younger sister. Mia the younger one who is full of life and passion. Best of friends until something happens. Most of this book is therefore about the two of them, but they are not together. Both come to Bath for an Jane Austen Event and since there is romance, both might meet a dashing gentleman. A perfect Colonel Brandon and well I am not sure who the other one is, I guess Ferrars then.We do not know drove them apart at first, it's a mystery that we learn more and more about. And it's so sad since they used to be so close. I also felt so sorry for Sarah because her sister at least understood her OCD and now she does not have anyone. While Mia seemed cheerful and so sad at the same time. So as I kept hoping they would find their way back I also wondered if that would be possible.The romance is a bit fast, but in the spirit of JA and true love I am find with that. There should be HEAs and love at first sight (or second).Conclusion:I do not think I will ever get tired of books like this one. They are in my blood and they just make me happy.