A SEAL at Heart

A SEAL at Heart - Anne Elizabeth Lots of seals running around these days, but when they are in they are in. In this one we have a wounded soldier, messed up in body and spirit. And a heroine who will save him.John is as I already told you not as happy seal. He suffers from amnesia after a tour into hell. He is tough, but not really the commitment kind of guy. Laurie is sweet, nice, and knows better than to date a seal. Also she have a very protective dad. Trouble alert.The story was light (in the way it read, not in what was in it), cute and fast to read. But to be honest I was not a fan of the sex scenes, it felt a bit...like a man had written them. Their first encounter and I was like wow, wait a moment, ask first mister. About what, ok I will not tell you that. Just read and see. Anyway, they did not feel sexy. But it all had a silly vibe over it, drama alerts and lots of soldier nicknames. But as it read so easily and there was romance I did not care. It was a little escapism book. Conclusion:Seals, romance, action, hidden memories and drama.Cover: