Oracle Glass

The Oracle Glass - Judith Merkle Riley It's a story about a girl from a good home, that is not really good. Her mother does not like her because she is deformed. So this girl transforms into the most sought after seer in Paris. What a Cinderella story. Ok not really. But she took life in her own hands and made something out of it. At a time when a woman should not be alone.One negative thing about the book would be that it could have been shorter, like 150-100 pages shorter. Because even though it kept out the pace it still felt like it dragged a bit since it was so long. And I am unsure about the end. I can't say but, sometimes you know for sure, and sometimes you can just be 70% sure about something, mysterious, well yes ;)A secret network of witches, poison, court intrigues at the splendid Sun Court. A world where you can tell futures and those rich enough to spend their money will believe every word you say.Genevieve was a nice heroine, her mentor La Voisin a nice baddie without being crazy bad. She was just a big spider in a net. Then there was a tiny bit of romance, just a tiny bit late on as Genevieve became more popular.There are real historical characters in this one, including La Voisin. And the author mixes reality and fiction in a nice blend.