Shadows at Stonewylde

Shadows at Stonewylde - Kit Berry Oh Yul, I can't believe what a bastard you turned into. Ok so he is still nice, but there are some things that just made me mad. First, after all he has been through one would think he would look at both sides of a story. No. Second, he is smothering Sylvie to death. Third, the outside world has taken over too much. Soon Stonewylde will be no more.Yes this book, 13 years after the last book, the Magus may be gone but shadows are gathering. I wished Sylvie would stand up for herself more. I wished Yul would stop being so selfish and I wished people would see the bullying going on. It's not a happy book, but then these books have dealt with some serious stuff. Some real things for sure.But this is Leveret's book, Yul's little sister and again my heart is broken. That poor child! Bullied and brought to despair. And no one notices! I am so disappointed in Stonewylde. Look up and see around you. Shadows, and more shadows.And then it ends, one more book to come soon. But I fear utter destruction at the moment.This series sure brings out some emotions on me. I just wanted to scream and rage. I hate bullies.