Becoming Clementine: A Novel

Becoming Clementine: A Novel - Jennifer Niven I do love fiction books. I might love other genres more, but fiction is the genre that gives me so much. Good writing, good stories and well just a good genre.This is actually book 3, but that does not show. It's a perfectly good standalone novel that shows us the life of Velva Jean as she in 1944 flies over the Atlantic. She is a Wasp, one of the forgotten of the WWII. The book shows what women did in the war. Velva Jean is brave and wonderful. She goes to France to find her brother. She goes into a warzone cos of family. And to be a tool of war.I have heard about the Wasps, the women pilots of the war. But I never knew much and they struggled. The men were not happy, no one was really happy. Not that there is much flying, no, instead there is spying, and danger.The book is well written and there is this tone over the book that I liked. Velva thinks, feels, and well it just have to be read.A great book about forgotten heroines.