Magus of Stonewylde

Magus of Stonewylde - Kit Berry There is a hidden place within England, a place of magic where people follow the old ways. And that's where this story takes place.Sylvie is poisoned by modern society and comes to Stonewylde. She is weak, but she slowly finds strength and her way. Still at one time I did fear her going tstl on me as she become friends with someone she had seen do something bad. But then again she is just that nice. Yul, is a village boy who I felt sorry for. This is not a nice society. I quickly saw the faults through his eyes. The Magus who is in charge can say whatever he wants to but this is a feudal society where some reap the benefits of the sweat of others backs. Poor Yul, he is just so broken.Yes this may seem like the perfect place, but there is a darkness over it all too. I also felt like some are pushed too much when it comes to a certain ritual. But I shall say no more. It's the old ways and it makes it to one good story. Darkness and light.The book may end with a glimmer of hope but it's far from over and it made me want to jump at the next one at once.A YA fantasy/paranormal story that will bring you friendship, injustice and budding romance.