Where Azaleas Bloom (Sweet Magnolias Series #10)

Where Azaleas Bloom - Sherryl Woods Another sweet romance from Sherryl Woods, and a romance dealing with real issues. Nothing is too sweet when real life comes between this couple.We have Lynn who is going through a hard and messy divorce. She is trying to do her best but it isn't easy. She is honest, hard-working and loves her kids. In comes Mitch who is fixing something next doors. Now this was sweet as he had a crush on her when their were younger. But he got married, she got married, and now he is a widower and she is separated. He is kind and thoughtful and wants to take care of her, but at the same time let her find her own way.They take it slowly, as they should, no rushing, no being all lovey-dovey. No these two become friends while thinking if they can be more. Between them is a nosy small-town, an idiotic ex and life in general. But you have to work for love sometimes and they do it, and they show that it can be done.A great smalltown romance with a real couple.