Shadows Before the Sun

Shadows Before the Sun (Charlie Madigan #4) - Kelly Gay I have waited and waited for this book. For those who read the previous book you know what I mean. The way it ended broke me and made me crave this one badly, and madly.I finished the book in a day because I could not put it down. Charlie was going to Elysia to find Hank and those evil bitches who put him back in a hellish jail. Elysia is what heaven is supposed to be but in the Siren city heaven is not what I think of. But Charlie will get an ally, I can't say who, but someone comes.Through out the whole book the only thing I could think of was Hank, Hank Hank! Sure I liked him before, but now, now I felt it. They need to be together, they must be together. But will they?Most of the book takes place in Elysia and I liked that. It did give the book another tone and it was nice for a change. Just like we visited the hell world in the last book.Where was I? Am I rambling again? I think so. There is just so much to say. I like the world. A world where humans found ways to visit "Hell" and "Heaven" and found out that monsters and Gods were really those beings from the other worlds visiting. A city in eternal darkness, and a main character who has been experimented upon. And therefore she has cool weird powers. And those powers come out to play again as she meets Death. And Death is not nice.Another great book in the series and I want more. I love Charlie and Hank. Rex! And everyone else.Start this series now!