Lady Can Never Be Too Curious

A Lady Can Never Be Too Curious - Mary Wine Lingering between a 2 and a's more 2,5This was a bit of early steampunk. Dealing with crystals and a secret society that most look down upon. So they are not secret in that sense but they do not let people in.The heroine Jeanette wants more from life, society is strict. She wants to try and wear pants, study and just be free. The Illuminsts are everything she should not want to be. She was a free spirit and I liked her courage.Darius is a guardian and looks after his fellow Illuminists. I was a bit on the fence about him. He clearly wanted her, but he did not trust Jeanette and still he did little Darius do the thinking and it just did not feel right to me. So even though he wanted her..I dunno, I did just not warm up. He was so not trusting her and there was one thing he said that just made me angry. He should have known better. But Jeanette at least liked him so I can forgive.I most also mention that there were these two side characters that I liked together so I hope they get a book and if so then it will be thrilling.I did feel there could have been, well more. But as it was it was a good book. The crystals were cool and I would have liked to learn more.There is action, romance, passion, creepy bad guys and wonders to see.