Besieged (Outcast Chronicles Series #1)

Besieged - Rowena Cory Daniells This story takes place over a few decades and then it ends when something big happens. Oh yes cliffhanger alert, but it was still a calm cliffie as things will happen. But there is no one hanging off that cliff just yet. Maybe in a minute though.There are different POVs but the two big ones are Sorne. A half blood raised to be a spy and weapon. He wanted to prove he was something more than just tainted and I felt so sorry for him. Humans are stupid and would never see anything else.Then there is Imoshen who is also raised to be something else as her people bicker between themselves. She was calm and cool. And not so set in her way as the rest of her kin.Then we have the races. Mieren = true-men, that's normal humans then. Idiotic, racists, I just loathed them. They hate the T'en because they have magic. But the thing is the T'en are not that different. Just a bit different looking and two humans can still get a halfblood kid. Even if the Wyrd had issues of their own they still tried to live alongside humans. While humans took the form of an angry mob with pitchforks and nooses. And I could not see a way out of this. How can the trilogy possible end?! I like the T'en. Please save the T'en. They are all the same, can't they see that?!Yes as you can see the book sure got a few emotions out of me, I sat there grinding my teeth hating The Mieren (humans, grrrr). And then are some evil characters that stand out too. Down with them!The world was fascinating, just like the people living in it. It was the beginning of a rich saga, and it was truly only the beginning. Things are about to happen and I must read book 2!