Jane Eyre The Graphic Novel: Quick Text (British English)

Jane Eyre The Graphic Novel: Quick Text (British English) - Charlotte Bronte In the end I wasn't that impressed by this one. The artwork worked fine for me. Though I do feel that Rochester was too handsome, and St: John was too plain looking.I love Jane Eyre, the book is glorious. But here it fell short for me. In this version they had crammed in all that "old" long speech in the speech-bubbles. And honestly it was just too much. I'd rather just read it in a book. But they have a different version were they have toned it down, I do think that would have worked better for me. Now it was just those big bubbles and sometimes I didn't know how to follow them, when they moved back and fort.I prefer the book very much to this one.Though I do like this idea of making Jane Eyre to a graphic novel, and keeping with the real language. That is admirable.