Sparks - Laura Bickle First of all, I should have written this one when I finished it, but I was shocked that there are no more books! I want more :/Anya is back, being her cool self, investigating fires, keeping track of her guardian/pet Sparky and being in a new relationship. She is always so cool, not kick-ass, just cool. She does not bring a katana to the table, but she can suck in ghosts. And that gives her heartburn.There is just so much to talk about, so much more it could be. But there are no more books at the present. And I do find that sad, because this world has so much promise. Like what is her connection to Ishtar really? And..something else that I found out and really want to know more about. But for now it ended well, they could all be happily ever after. So no cliffie or so. But yes, more things are hidden, more things could be told. And I hope they are one day.For now, just read these two books and enjoy a different UF with a ghostsucking heroine and the coolest of side kicks, Sparky, the electricity eating salamander.