The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time Series #5)

The Fires of Heaven  - Robert Jordan Ok time to say something clever again, 5th book, all almost 1000 pages it seems. It just gets harder to harder to review this series, not to mention since I have already read it before too.Starting to like good old Rand again but Mat is still such a favorite. I like the memories in his head and how he becomes something more. And still such a rascal.Hey, where was Perrin!?Nyn and Elayne was all over the world doing their stuff. And obsessing over Rand much?Min, Siuan and Leane, I did like these three together and especially when they get into trouble.Egwene still bores me.Ok, is there any POV I am missing? Aviendha, I just wish she could stop talking about protecting Rand for Elayne. Come on woman! You are from a culture where women share a man anyway.So lots of POVS, duh. Exciting things happening, like the Aiel leaving the Waste. War coming. Rand learning about Saidar. And much much more.I can stop reading at a page and jump back 2 weeks later. That is how well I know this series by now-.