Night's Cold Kiss

Night's Cold Kiss - Tracey O'Hara I was thinking of giving it a 2 but I just could not cos I was sooooo bored. At one time I almost fell asleep and at another time I had no idea who this one guy was. I could not focus, I did not care.What went wrong? I do not know. The world building seemed ok, the writing was good. But I never grew to like the heroine, I never liked the hero. I never felt the attraction between them and never understood her. Also was this supposed to be UF? No, it was not. There was a plot, which I have forgotten seems it all seemed to be the dance between these two. The sex, the yawn. When I want UF I want UF, so for you PNR fans this might interested you more. I do like PNR but then it should be pnr and this mix did not work for me at this time.I wish I had quit it and DNF it, but I was stuck in a car and nothing else to read.Still it was not bad, it was just not for me.