My Fair Concubine (Harlequin Historical)

My Fair Concubine - Jeannie Lin I liked this one for the simply reason that it was so different from the historical romance that I have read before. I loved going back to China 800 AD and experiencing something totally new. The clothes, the manners everything needed to transport me there.The story is a take on my fair lady as Fei Long needs a"princess" and fast. So he takes on Yan Ling and tries to teach her etiquette and everything else needed. She is to be a peace bride and sent away to distant lands. The whole princess part is not really true as the Emperor has found ways to cheat sending his own daughters and instead he can make a high ranking nobleman's daughter a princess. Still Yan Ling has a long way to go, or at least cheat her way through as what would her family know in the end.Yan Ling saw a way to a new life and who can blame her. She is also strong and speaks her mind. Even if she tries her best not to. While our hero Fei Ling is quiet, strong, proud and wants to the best for his family so they will not be ruined.And of course they fall in love, but slowly, and it takes time as they are from two different worlds. They are careful about their true emotions as they should be. It's a delicate dance as they both have their duty to fulfill and that is not to love each other.I really must read more by her after this. I wish all historical romances could be this different, new and wonderful. I fear I have been stuck in regency land way too long, or playing with Highlanders.Conclusion:A wonderful story in a rich setting.