False Covenant (Widdershins Adventure Series #2)

False Covenant - Ari Marmell First I have to say, evil author alert (in a good way of course!). This time I stopped reading and shouted no!!! (and by now my poor bf is used to me going crazy over a book). So he "listened" while I rambled on and cursed the author and then hurried and finished the rest of the book. I think Marmell might just take the first place for biggest shock in a book this year. *still in shock*. Well done there.As for the book, I do like Widdershins and her constant companion Olgun, and I am so curious about him. I do want to know more about this Northern God that no one knows about anymore. And Widdershins is kick-ass and cool. A great thief, not so great at keeping a tavern though. And a knack for getting into trouble, with everyone! This time with the church, among others as things are not good in Davillion at the moment.There is action, adventure and even a hint of romance, a tiny hint but hey I do not need much and I like Julian who is everything she should stay away from, a Guard. But there is something there and he is also someone she can trust. And of course I like him, he is also a great side character to just have around. Poor Widdershins needs some good people around her.Now I starting to feel at a loss for words again. Great book, and it sure made me want more. I need more! More please with sugar on top. Like now.Final thoughts: Recommended series that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Widdershins is my kind of heroine. Go forth and read.