Stalking the Others

Stalking the Others (H&W Investigations) - Jess Haines I read the last line and went!? Evil author alert. I sat up and shook my fist, ok so I did not shake my fist but I stared at bf for a while and trying to comprehend that the book had just ended. Now you all think cliffie, but it was not really a cliffie. All was good, sort of good for now, it was just what was going on and ..I truly want to spill the beans but you have to read for yourself to find out what made me crave book 5 more than chocolate, and I adore chocolate.But that was the last page.*giggles* Oh Haines you evil awesome author.Now see, I got sidetracked yet again, I shall not think about the end. So the book starts with a pissed off Shia and who can blame her. Possibly infected with the were virus and having found out that her boyfriend cheated on her. That effing bastard. And think I liked him for a while! So the hunt is on and she wants the Sunstrikers to pay. This is really a different Shia in this book. Sure she was always kick-ass but now she is also angry, and you do not want to see her angry.We meet the white hats again, they are kind of growing on me and we learn, nope, lips sealed again. But we learn something. And then we also meet Royce *happy sigh*. The vampire that made me like vampires again, because he just oozes sex.Fighting, trouble and one ending that will make you want more. More please  *puppy eyes* Haines does so well with this book, even if I talk about the end a bit too much but trust me, it was just that good!