Shadow Bound (Unbound Series #2)

Shadow Bound - Rachel Vincent First I do have to say that it was not as good as book 1. Sure I still enjoyed the book, but it could just not top book 1. I'd have loved for them all to be kick-ass.Maybe it was cos this one was darker, no, that was not it, I liked the darkness, it was gritty and real. Kori had gone through so much. I felt so sorry for her. And then we have Ian with his secrets. Could it be that the couple was not as good as in book 1? Don't ask me, truth be told I really do not remember much about book 1 o_O Which is never good either. So even if this was a good book, I fear that it might go into darkness too. In that corner in my mind where forgotten books go.But hey, I liked the book. It was kick-ass, heartbreaking, any HEA seemed impossible, Tower is so freaking evil! The whole system with bindings makes me so mad too. What a good creation, such a cool world.Therefore I just can't say why I did not think it was awesome. It was something, just something. Still it was good, it's Vincent after all. ....maybe it was Ian..yes maybe. I just did not fall for, something.