All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted - Kristan Higgins I am still feeling the urge to review in another way. Maybe the same old same old just wont cut it for me anymore.The Good:Callie was real, she was warm and she was nice and I liked her. And yes Ian was the opposite, cold, hard to get close to and guarded. But that is why I liked him because he was real too. Everyone is not open and cheerful and willing to fall in love, even willing to go around kissing people. Together they seem like a mess that wont happen, but it's a romance book and it happens and I felt it.The story:Crushing over someone who seems like an ass. Trouble at work. Family time and family drama. And taking the step to meet someone else. That is what this book was about and I enjoyed it.The Bad:I don't know here. There wasn't anything bad about the book. It was fun, it was cute and at one point it even made me want to cry. So nothing bad. But hey I needed the category anyway.Recommended for:Fans of romance and small towns.