To Turn Full Circle

To Turn Full Circle - Linda Mitchelmore Poor Emma, she sure lived in a village filled with bitches and bastards. People can be so cruel, but then they can be so kind too and not ask for anything in return. It kind of reminded me of the Catherine Cookson stories, her heroines always have a hard time before finding their way and luck.Emma is 15 when her parents die and the crappy village she lives in does not make things better. She is on her own, but she is strong and wont let anyone push her around. That is what I liked about her, her will do go on and try. Even if I had run away and lived in the woods, cos I just could not take all those people talking behind my back. She tries to build a new life and that is not easy.The romantic interest is Seth, he does try to do his best by her, but when he stands up someone always pulls him down (his family is horrid.) These two does not have an easy way to each other and sometimes I wondered if they ever would end up together (I will of course not tell you). It's a love that grows and matures. Other people in the book are of course Seth's horrible father and brothers. And Matthew who shows up like a knight in shining armor. He was one of the nice ones.I really can't say more as a few years go by and things happen in the book. There is heartache, happiness and it's a story about a courageous young woman.Conclusion:It's a book that promises drama, romance and even a mystery behind the scenes. After a bit of a heartbreaking beginning the book just flows on and is truly easy to read.