Carrie Goes Off the Map

Carrie Goes Off the Map - Phillipa Ashley do love the English, all those words I do not hear that often when I read so many American novels. But here I get them all and I bloody love it.Carrie is dumped by her fiancé (who I thought was an utter ass, but later I did change my mind. He was just a man after all.) Poor Carrie is hurt and angry and I like her, and I like her even more when she has a little revenge. Her new leading man is Matt, but things move slowly along and that is a good thing. I really like how it works out in the end. Nothing fast and furious here. As for Matt, oh, he is a doctor out in the jungle, and to top it off, he is hot. Sometimes I liked him, sometimes I wondered about the woman he was seeing. But all in all i liked him and I thought these two should hook up.Much of the book is about the roadtrip. Carrie needs to get over Huw, Matt has his own issues why he is in England. So there will be sun, sand, kisses, arguing between them and realizations.Conclusion:I liked this one because it was sweet, but it was not too sweet since Carrie made her fair share of mistakes. It's life. Cute, happy and a page-turner.