Mr. Darcy's Proposal

Mr. Darcy's Proposal - Susan Mason-Milks I got a JA addiction and I love it ;)This was quite the different what if. Since it all happens pretty quickly it's not like I spoil things. Lizzy's dad has a heart attack and Darcy offers to take her back home as she is visiting Charlotte. Here is where the story differs as he also waits with his proposal and asks her when she is back home. When she knows her dad will not get better. When the whole family's future is at stake. And she says yes. This is a story of how he loves her and she is pretty indifferent. She sees that he has hidden depths but she does not love him. The story worked so well. I loved seeing him trying. Her not knowing how to act, trying to be a nice little wife. It was all so wrong, but at the same time so good. Because they had to find their way together another way. They had to take their time to fall in love, well Lizzy had to. It was quite heartbreaking at times too.There are many what if stories out there, and they all manages to bring something new. And this was new and fun (and sad) to read.I will end this with a I love JA variations :)