The Duke and I (Bridgerton 1)

The Duke and I  - Julia Quinn My thoughts:It seems that this was not my first Bridgerton book, now I had actually read the 8th and last first, but totally forgotten about it since it had bored me a bit. I can't even remember what happened in it..a wedding and a carriage at the end? Well I am pleased to say that this one was better and it did not matter that I read out of order. Welcome to the Out of Order reading club.Oh and I did try to 3? And gave up cos I just grew angry...end of story (even if it still annoys me).Still I do prefer her newer books, but I did enjoy this first Bridgerton books and all the siblings (8 if you are wondering). But at the moment only 4 are out and about. Daphne is nice and all, but men just want to be her friend. We all know men can be such idiots sometimes. I did like her in the book too, she was fun and I am sure we would have been friends.The hero, well he has issues, he had stutter as a kid and the relationship with his dad was horrible. He is carrying a lot of anger. Even though we know that this well end up in a HEA there are obstacles first as he never wants to marry or have kids. Poor guy is pretty messed up.The tone is fun and cute. They fit so well together from the very beginning. Yes Simon was an ass, yes maybe Daphne should have know better. But the drama at the end was actually one of the best parts. It seems I like an unhappy couple who has to solve a big crisis.Conclusion:Sweet is the word. Sweet with sugar on top, but at the end there is some salt, but then it's all sugar and happiness again.