Alien Diplomacy

Alien Diplomacy - Gini Koch The book is as crazy as ever. What more can you expect from this series. There are conspiracies, strange taxi drivers, and all while trying to find a nice dress for the President's Ball.The last review I did I made a bit differently and honestly after 5 books it's hard to say something new. I mean Kitty is cool, though I did feel at one time that she should have know better. I mean I knew better and all thanks to my Kitty schooling. But other than that she was on top of things.Martini was actually a bit less jealous than usual, made me a bit sad, I like jealous Martini, cos I am weird like that. Mr White, aww, hihi, I do love him. I fear Christopher's dad is taking spot 2 of my fav Kitty men. Then comes Reader and sadly Christopher is now on spot 4 cos he found a girl.The poofs are adorable as ever, honestly, please get me one!How Koch makes these plots are beyond me. Things are coming at me from every corner, I can't figure out the baddies (well one), or who to trust, and what on earth is going on.And last, there is an excerpt from book 6 at the back and let me tell you, it is pure evil! The way it ends in the middle of something juicy makes me want to get book 6 at once. I think it will be a amazing one.Conclusion:I do recommend this fun series. READ BOOK 1!