One Hot Cowboy Wedding (Spikes & Spurs Series #4)

One Hot Cowboy Wedding - Carolyn Brown There is nothing like a Brown book to make me think I was born in the wrong country. I want a cowboy in jeans and a hat, and throw in a relative or something too with lots of good sayings. Now that would make the gravy on the chicken..wait, oh I suck at these, lol.I knew Ace from before (he loves his women), and Jasmine who owns the café. They are friends and that is it. But Ace needs a wife and Jasmine is a good friend. But of course we all know what will happen. Feelings, passion and happily ever after. I like how she still manages to make it believable even if much time does not pass. Because they have known each other for a while before, and throwing them in a room together makes things explode. But they still think about things, what they want, and if they want what they might find. So that is what the book is about. Could this be more than a fake wedding?And as always there are all the people from before showing up here and there, old and new friends that I am happy to meet again. I can feel the hot Texas sun on my skin and the dirt under my feet. There is passion and laughter and all tied together with a lightness and ease.Brown never disappoints. I get what I came for. A light fun cowboy romance that will make you want a cowboy of your own.