Stakes and Stilettos (Immortality Bites)

Stakes and Stilettos (Immortality Bites) - Michelle Rowan I do talk about my series OCD sometimes, and here I made a mistake, that in the end turned out great. I thought this was one of those normal PNR series, you know, a new couple in each. Since I did check the previous books, or perhaps I dreamed it. Anyway, my point is that this was book 4, and all the previous books were all about Sarah. Still it worked, cos of the beginning I thought this was her "book 1", and first when something was mentioned that happened 2 weeks ago I thought, huh..that would have made a cool book. Which it obviously was too ;)It worked so well on it's own. I was never lost. I came into their relationship with fresh new eyes. Sarah, a new vampire who is in love with Thierry, a old vampire who is rich and hot. What is there not to like? She has also given him a new will to live and love. They seem good for each other.Sarah is fun and has a bit of an reputation, Slayer of Slayers. Which is so untrue, poor girl is not a Hunter Slayers, but they think so. Quite amusing in a way. I also liked the world, vampires are hidden, and hunters hunt them. Which is so unfair, because most vampires are nice, drink blood from glasses and hide among the rest of the populace. They can walk in the sun and they are just like the rest of us. Almost.It was fun and light and I liked the few flashbacks there were, where we got to see a bit of Thierry's past. There was a nice cast of people and in the end, well start with this one, start with another one or start at the beginning :) Though at least in this one there is a tiny cliffie. All is good, kind of.Conclusion:I do like my PNR light and nice. Good paranormal books should be easy to read just like this one and just like I like it. And while reading you just relax and let yourself be swept away.